Talking Points

Since implementing RGGI in 2021, Virginia has received over $200 million for climate adaptation, flood-preparedness, and energy efficiency for low-income communities.

  • 50% of the proceeds are allocated to low-income energy efficiency programs.
  • 45% of the proceeds are allocated to the Community Flood Preparedness Fund, which helps Virginia localities address the impacts of recurrent flooding and sea level rise.

In States that have adopted RGGI there has been:

  • Reduction in power sector emissions by more than 50% relative to 2005.
  • $4 billion in benefits to the economies of RGGI states.
  • $5.7 billion in health cost savings with health savings to children (who are particularly vulnerable to particulate air pollution) ranging from $191m to $350m.
  • Improvements in energy efficiency; six RGGI states rank in the top 10 nationally for energy efficiency (2020). By contrast, Virginia, which joined RGGI in 2020, ranks 25th.


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