Urge Your Dem Senators to Reform the Recall Process!

SB1328 Must Be Passed by the Privileges and Elections Committee to Get a Full Senate Vote

The details of the recommended recall process are explained here.

  • SB1328 Shifts recall decision to voters through transparent, fair process that does not add cost.

  • SB1328 proposes common sense reforms to codify a recall process that is clearly defined and attainable, but less susceptible to misuse than the one now in place.

  • SB1328 employs elections — not judicial proceedings — to make recall decisions. It more fairly allows the voters who elected the affected official to determine whether the official should continue in the role.

  • SB1328 does not change the existing legal standards for removing an official.

  • SB1328 will not cause localities to incur additional costs because recall referendums would be part of previously scheduled general elections.

    Virtually all other states handle recall requests through elections. SB1328 is needed to bring Virginia's process in line with most other jurisdictions.


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