Workers' Rights / Family Friendly Economy

Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy

Coalition's 2020 Legislative Priorities:
Invest in our economic future by supporting our students, workers and families

★ Establish a statewide paid family and medical leave program
★ Establish a baseline "living wage" of $15 per hour by 2024
★ Allow for equity in education by increasing "at-risk add-on" funding by 25%
★ Strengthen opportunities for labor organizing, including by repealing "Right to Work"

Priority legislation

Status Number Summary Chief Patron


HB 825

SB 770

Paid family and medical leave program. Del. Jennifer Foy

Sen. Jennifer Boysko


HB 153 Strengthen opportunities for labor organizing, including by repealing "Right to Work " Del. Lee Carter


SB 48

SB 49

Nonpayment of wages. Sen. Lionell Spruill

Sen. Lionell Spruill



SB 838

HB 123

Nonpayment of wages under construction contracts. Sen. Adam P. Ebbin

Del. Jennifer Foy

Paid family and medical leave is paramount if we want a more equitable Commonwealth. Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy is sponsoring legislation designed to ensure that citizens have the leave they need to care for themselves or family members (HB 825). "Spending time with a dying relative, caring for a sick parent, or bonding with a newborn child should not be a privilege reserved for the wealthiest Virginians. Hardworking, middle class, Virginians, who play by rules, who have done everything right, deserve to spend time with their family like everyone else. I do not know many middle class families who can afford to go without a salary for three months—especially when they are needing to cover the costs of a newborn," Foy said.

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Two proposed Virginia laws to provide paid family, medical leave,, Sept 6, 2019.

State-wide orgs

Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy
Working for Paid Family Leave, affordable elder care, child care, living wages, etc.

Virginia Poverty Law Center
We can help pinpoint government programs, legislation, and other resources available that will benefit those living in low-income households.

National orgs

The Women Effect Fund

Del. Lee Carter speaking at Grassroot Coalition Press Conf, Jan 9, 2020 on the racist origins of "Right to Work" laws.