Election Reform

Four states likely to determine outcome of 2020 presidential race. Source: NationalPopularVote.com.

Coalition's 2020 Legislative Priorities:

Promote fairness and transparency in our elections

Priority legislation

The Coalition supports these bills. Please contact your reps to let them know if you do, too!
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Status Number Summary Chief Patron
HB 1
SB 111
No Excuse Absentee Voting. Del. Charniele Herring
Sen. J. Howell

HB 187
Same Day Voter Registration. Del. Marcus Simon

Comm SJ 8
Voting Rights in Virginia Constitution. Sen. Mamie E. Locke

Comm HB 19
Repeal Voter ID Law. Del. Joseph Lindsey

Recommended Legislation

Number Summary Chief Patron
SB 399
HB 199
Presidential electors; National Popular Vote Compact. Sen.Adam Ebbin
Del. Cia Price


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One-pager on National Popular Vote.


National Popular Vote. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact will guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Spread the Vote. Helps people get ID to vote, work, etc.