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Clean Energy

VGC's 2021 Legislative Priorities

All 2021 priority legislation
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Passed Passed SB 1164 Unregulated Plastic Chemical Conversion Plants Defines "advanced recycling" as a manufacturing process for the conversion of post-use polymers and recovered feedstocks into basic hydrocarbon raw materials and other materials. Emmett Hanger
Passed Passed HB 1965 Low and Zero Emissions Vehicle program. Directs the State Air Pollution Control Board to implement a low-emissions and zero-emissions vehicle program for motor vehicles with a model year of 2025 and later. Lamont Bagby
Passed Passed HB 1979 EV Rebate Program. Creates a rebate program for the purchase or lease of new and used electric vehicles, to be administered by the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy. David Reid
Passed Passed HB 2227 Uniform Statewide Building Code; energy efficiency and conservation. Kaye Kory
Left SB 1224 Uniform Statewide Building Code; amendments, energy efficiency and conservation. Jennifer Boysko
Passed Passed SB 1265 Natural gas pipelines; stop work orders. Authorizes the Department of Environmental Quality to conduct inspections of the land-disturbing activities related to construction of any natural gas transmission pipeline equal to or greater than 24 Creigh Deeds
Passed Passed SB 1311 Water quality standards; modification of permits and certifications. Jennifer McClellan
Passed Passed SB 1380 Electric utilities; electric school bus projects. Authorizes electric utilities to partner with school divisions to implement projects designed to encourage the proliferation of school buses that are fueled in whole or in part by electricity... Louise Lucas
Passed PBI HB 2048 Electric utility regulation; purchasing from competitive suppliers. Jeffrey Bourne
Incorp HB 2057 Electric utilities; triennial review. Makes various changes to procedures under which the State Corporation Commission reviews the earnings and sets the rates of investor-owned incumbent electric utilities. Lee Ware
Passed Passed HB 2118 Virginia Electric Vehicle Grant Fund and Program; created, report. Establishes the Electric Vehicle Grant Fund and Program for the purpose of (i) awarding grants on a competitive basis to public school divisions for (a) assisting with costs of replacing diesel school Mark Keam
Passed PBI HB 2200 Electric Utilities; Triennial Review. Makes various changes to procedures under which the State Corporation Commission reviews the earnings and sets the rates of investor-owned incumbent electric utilities. Jay Jones
Left HB 2292 Fossil fuel projects; establishes a moratorium, effective January 1, 2022, etc. Josh Cole

Combat climate change by requiring 100% clean energy including the transportation sector by 2040.

The Coalition believes climate change is one of the biggest threats to the Commonwealth. It supports bills including the Virginia Clean Economy Act and the Green New Deal that aggressively move Virginia to a clean economy and zero carbon. To get there, however, Virginia must begin with campaign finance reform to remove the corrosive effects money has on the ability of Virginia to enact serious clean energy legislation and ensure meaningful oversight of utilities. Bills introduced by Senator Chap Petersen (SB 25) and Delegate Josh Cole (HB 111) do just that.

Petersen, who has introduced similar bills in the past, stated, ‘Virginians were clear in the last election that a cleaner and greener climate must be made a reality and the only way to do that is to first pass effective campaign finance reform. That is why, in this new Virginia majority, I will sponsor SB 25, my bill to eliminate donations from publicly-chartered monopolies.” Cole stated, “The election this past November ushered a new era in Virginia’s politics. I’m proud to start that new era with HB 111 which will ensure public utility companies will be held responsible for their actions. It’s time to return power back to the people.”

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State-wide orgs

Green New Deal Virginia Coalition
Our collective efforts will redress two of the biggest crises we face: climate change and inequity.

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Virginia Student Environmental Coalition
Network of students and young people organizing the youth climate movement in our state.

Virginia Environmental Justice Collaborative

Northern Virginia orgs

350 Loudoun, Leesburg VA
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Earth Rise Indivisible, Centreville VA
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Herndon-Reston Indivisible, Herndon VA

The Climate Reality Project: NoVA Chapter, Fairfax VA
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