Coalition's 2020 Legislative Priorities

Corporations are not People. Money is not Speech. Source:


Promote fairness and transparency in our politics

VGC Priority legislation All VGC Priority Legislation

The Coalition supports these bills. Please contact your reps to let them know if you do, too!
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Signed by Governor.
Passed Passed House or Senate.
Comm In Committee.
Read1/2/3 Read in chamber.
Reported Approved by Comm.
Recommends Recommended by Subcommittee.
Left Left in committee.
Incorp Incorporated into another bill.
Stricken Bill withdrawn.
House Senate Number Summary Chief Patron
Left HB 895 Limits on contributions to candidates for statewide office and the General Assembly. Del. Mark Levine
Failed SB 25 Banning contributions to candidates from public service corporations. Sen. Chap Petersen
Left HB 111 Banning contributions to candidates from public service corporations. Del. Josh Cole
Continued HB 848 Campaign Finance Disclosure Act: Making unlawful the conversion of political contributions for personal use. Del. Marcus Simon
Passed Passed HB 849 Disclosure related to political campaign advertisements. Del. Marcus Simon
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