Ann Ridgeway


Ann Ridgeway


Ann is running against incumbent Nick Freitas who is a write-in candidate because he failed to file the necessary paperwork.

Ann Ridgeway is a native Virginian who has worked with youth and families for much of her life. She brings a love of faith, family, community, and Virginia values to her aspiration for public office.

Both of Ann's parent were active in the civil rights movement, inspiring Ann from an early age to work for social and economic justice for all.

Ann will fight for:

➔ Healthcare +

"I will work to get the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services the funds that are needed to help our citizens with the mental health and drug addiction services that should be in place."

"The top issues faced by veterans are access to quality health care through, including mental health treatment and family support to reduce suicides and PTSD."

➔ Education +

"As the mother of three children who attended Orange County Public Schools and as a former teacher in the same system, I am well aware of the need to increase funding and resources for rural schools to provide our students with a high-quality education."...

➔ Gun Violence Prevention +

..."The Virginia Senate and House of Delegates must put their partisanship aside and work together on common sense gun legislation reform." ...

➔ Environment/Energy +

"Global warming is real and our government must address this and establish the changes that will protect the lives of our children and grandchildren."

➔ Infastructure +

"It is not acceptable for 30th District residents to be left behind in the age of information. I will focus on funding and strategies to bring high-speed broadband to our communities and give everyone affordable access to the internet."


Ann Ridgeway

Republican Opponent


Nick Freitas*

Freitas failed to file the necessary paperwork, so is running in 2019 as a write-in candidate.
Nick Freitas has received low ratings from organizations concerned w Education and Environment.

* = Incumbent

 HD-30 District Profile 
Orange County, Culpeper County, Madison County

HD-30 Voting Trend

2018: Kaine received 41%.
2017: Northam received 38%.
2017 (HD election): Dem lost w. 38%.
2016: Clinton received 34%.
2015 (HD election): No Dem candidate.

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Statistics from VPAP, January 2019/May 2019.