April Moore


April Moore

April Moore is running for VA State Senate in SD-26. She also ran in 2017.

April is retired from a career supporting non-profit organizations working for consumer protections, national security, and healthy climate. She also taught elementary school.

"I have worked to give back to this area that has given me so much, volunteering in efforts to strengthen our public schools, support our local farmers, and protect one of our area's most special assets: the North Fork of the Shenandoah River."

April, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

"In 2018, Virginia's General Assembly finally approved Medicaid expansion. My opponent fought against expansion for years... I will work hard to ensure that the expansion is implemented fully and fairly."

"I am dedicated to stemming the availability of dangerous pills, educating medical professionals about more effective and less habit-forming pain management, and making Naloxone widely available."

➔ Education +

"I am a staunch supporter of high-quality public schools. ...Vouchers, for which my opponent is an advocate, weaken our public schools by diverting tax dollars away from public education and into private and religious schools."

➔ Energy +

"I want to bring more [Green-Technology] jobs to the Shenandoah Valley. ...Expanding the use of renewable resources is vital to creating a healthy, stable climate on which we can all depend."

➔ Criminal Justice Reform +

"I will work to combat crime while also ensuring that our justice system treats all Virginians with fairness and compassion. I support the full restoration of voting rights for felons who have paid their debt to society."

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SD-26 Profile

Shenandoah Co, Warren Co, Rockingham Co, Harrisonburg

SD-26 Voting Trend

Democratic candidates' election percentages.

2020: Biden received %.
2018: Kaine received 39% of the vote.
2017: Northam received 36% of the vote.
2016: Clinton received 32% of the vote.
2015 (SD) Dem received 31%

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