Briana Sewell


Briana Sewell

Briana Sewell, lifelong resident of Pr. William County, is running for Delegate in VA's 51st District.

As a District Director, a community organizer, and in her current role as Chief of Staff to the County Chair, Briana has been listening to the people's concerns for the entirety of her professional life.

In 2018 Briana helped establish the Virginia Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy, where Briana worked to bring all factions together to support bipartisan policies like paid family and medical leave, lower-cost child-care, affordable college and job training programs, and more affordable eldercare options. Briana knows that when working families have the support they need, our whole economy benefits, especially during this public health crisis.

Briana, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

"Briana believes every Virginian has a right to accessible, high-quality, affordable health care. She will preserve and expand Medicaid access and ensure people with pre-existing conditions can keep their coverage and will fight for paid family and medical leave..."

➔ Education +

"Briana believes every child deserves access to a high-quality public education, so she will always advocate for students and educators. As Delegate, she'll work to raise teacher pay, reduce class sizes, increase Career and Technical Education programs, and bring down the cost of higher education..."

➔ VA Workers & Economy +

Briana supports
  • 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for federal employees.
  • lower-cost child-care
  • affordable college and training programs.

    Briana knows that when working families have the support they need, the whole economy benefits...

  • ➔ Energy +

    "...Briana is committed to bringing green jobs to our Commonwealth and highlighting the economic and humanitarian benefits of environmental legislation to ensure that every citizen has access to clean and healthy living conditions."

    Learn more on Briana's website issues page.




    Briana Sewell

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