Herb Jones


Herb Jones


Herb is a former Army Colonel in the 24th Infantry Division, who served two tours in Iraq.

As a result of Herb's extensive military knowledge and experience, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam appointed Herb to his Military Advisory Council. Herb and his brother, Michael, started Pyramid Technologies, LLC, a cloud-computing, project management, and logistics firm. He currently serves as the co-founder and CEO of Pyramid. Herb and his wife, Yvonne, reside in the Providence Forge area of New Kent County. Yvonne is a retired educator who served as the principal at New Kent High School for 14 years. They have two sons, and one grandson.

Herb will fight for:

➔ Healthcare +

"No one should have to declare bankruptcy as a result of medical expenses. Virginia finally expanded Medicaid and 400,000 more Virginians now have access to health care that they did not have before. In addition to my support of Medicaid Expansion, I also support CHIP and the important services they provide to Virginians. I will work to protect Medicaid Expansion, to fully fund the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS),..."

➔ Education +

"We must provide our teachers and staff with the tools and techniques to prepare our students to prosper in a vibrant, dynamic, evolving economy. To do this, we must 1) provide quality pre-kindergarten for all families; 2) equip teachers, staff with the training and tools that facilitate collaborative, dynamic learning; 3) attract and retain the best and the brightest talent available ...; 4) create learning environments that are safe..

➔ Gun Violence Prevention +

"I also believe in responsible gun ownership. My wife and I own fire arms. Gun safety is not a political issue; it is a commonsense issue.

I was in Afghanistan when the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut occurred. I remember calling [My wife] to check on her... As I was talking to her, it occurred to me that I was safer in a combat zone in Afghanistan than she was in the United States as the principal of a high school."

➔ VA Workers & Economy +

"I believe that the minimum living wage should be $15/hour.

"I believe in organized labor. Unions have historically been the bedrock of the American middle-class. Unions are responsible for the establishment of minimum-wage laws, overtime rules, worker's compensation, severance pay, and many other benefits all Americans enjoy today."


Herb Jones

Republican Opponent


Tommy Norment*

Republican Norment has served VA SD-3 since 1992.

* = Incumbent

 SD-3 District Profile 
James City Co, Gloucester Co, York Co, New Kent Co, Isle of Wight Co, King William Co, Poquoson City, Suffolk City

SD-3 Voting Trend

2018: Kaine received 41%.
2017: Northam received 39%.
2016: Clinton received 33%.
2015 (SD election): Dem received 30%.

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Statistics from VPAP, January 2019/May 2019.