Juanita Jo Matkins


Juanita Jo Matkins


Juanita Jo Matkins is running for Delegate in HD-56.

"A former Louisa County teacher and professor at The College of William & Mary, Juanita Jo Matkins believes all Virginians deserve a fair chance. Juanita Jo has lived in the heart of the 56th District for much of her life, educating its young people and serving her community through her church and various volunteer organizations. She is committed to advocating for her neighbors in Richmond to ensure our state legislature serves the interests of every Virginian. ..."

Juanita Jo will fight for:

➔ Healthcare +

"Every citizen should be able to go to the doctor and access quality, affordable health services. Juanita Jo believes that such services should include care for reproductive health, mental health, and substance abuse. Juanita Jo supports Medicaid expansion and will fight to strengthen and protect it. ..."

➔ Education +

"Juanita Jo will fight to fully fund public education from preschool through college. She will work to expand career and technical training and to raise teacher pay. ..."

➔ Human Rights +

"Juanita Jo believes that all Virginians deserve a fair chance. She supports ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment and barring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. She is determined to continue the fight for racial justice to ensure that everyone shares in the American dream."

➔ VA Workers & Economy +

"Virginia needs responsive government that serves all its citizens, not just a select few. Large corporations too often get their way at the expense of people in small communities like Louisa and Goochland. In Richmond, Juanita Jo will fight for her neighbors and carry our concerns to the House floor. ..."

➔ Criminal Justice Reform +

"Our criminal justice system locks up too many people and for far too long. Juanita Jo believes in sensible criminal justice reforms, including legalizing marijuana, raising the felony larceny threshold, and providing treatment rather than incarceration for people with mental health and substance abuse issues."

➔ Voting Rights +

"Juanita Jo believes Virginia will be stronger when all citizens vote. She'll fight for automatic voter registration, no-excuse early and absentee voting, and a repeal of the discriminatory voter ID law."

➔ Infastructure +

"Investing in broadband infrastructure is essential to sustaining vibrant communities and giving all Virginians a fair shot at participating in the 21st century economy. ..."


Juanita Jo Matkins

Republican Opponent


John McGuire*

John McGuire is a small business owner and former Navy SEAL, who won election to HD-56 in November 2017.
  • McGuire is endorsed by the NRA
  • Votes pro-business
  • Has a low rating by the VA Sierra Club
  • * = Incumbent

     HD-56 District Profile 
    Louisa Co, Henrico Co, Goochland Co, Spotsylvania Co

    HD-56 Voting Trend

    2018: Kaine received 45% of the vote.
    2017: Northam received 41% of the vote.
    2017 (HD election): Dem candidate lost w 40%.
    2016: Clinton received 38% of the vote.
    2015 (HD election): No Dem candidate.

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    Statistics from VPAP, January 2019/May 2019.