2019 VA election dates +

March 28: Filing deadline
June 11: Primaries
Nov 5: General Election

All 40 VA State Senate seats are up for election.
Currently: 21 Republicans / 19 Democrats

VA State Senate Dem Candidates

Who could use our help.

These candidates are running in State Senate districts where Northam won or came very close.


Kim Howard
Gary McCollum?
Dem candidates

2015: Gary lost to Wagner 46/54%
2018: Kaine received 55.6% of vote.


Dem candidates

Missy Cotter Smasal

2015: Dem Belote lost to DeSteph 41/59%
2018: Kaine received 51.3% of vote.


Dem candidates

Ghazala Hashmi
Eileen Bedell

2015: Gecker (D) lost w 47% in 4-way race.
2018: Kaine received 60.4% of vote.

SD-10: Richmond and points west


Dem candidates

Veena Gupta Lothe
Marques Jones
Dem candidates

2015: Dunnavant won w 57% (3-way race)
2018: Kaine received 56.5% of vote.

SD12: outside of Richmond.


Dem candidates

John Bell
Lucero Wiley
Jasmine Moawad-Barrientos

2015: McCabe (D) lost 48/52%
2018: Kaine received 58.3% of vote.

Dick Black* (R)
Mike Buscher
Ron Meyer


Dem candidates

Amy Laufer
Ben Hixton

2015: Gallaway (D) lost 38/62%
2018: Kaine received 52.2% of vote.

Bryce Reeves* (R)
Rich Breeden (R)

KEY [click]   Background color: Kaine vote percentage darker = higher

* = Incumbent   Blue=Democrat   Red=Republican   Gray=Independent   Yellow=Libertarian   Brown=Whig


1. Basic information compiled by VA Blue Wave 2019 and NOVA Grassroots, WofA

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