Dems take BOTH Houses!

Six House of Delegate and 2 State Senate seats flipped blue, giving Democrats control of both houses. House of Delegates: 55 Dems/ 45 Reps. State Senate 21 Dems / 19 Reps.   Full VA Election Results Nov 5, 2019

Change in House of Delegates seats 2019 election
HOUSE OF DELEGATES 2019: 6 seats flipped. 2017: 15 seats flipped.
Change in State Senate seats 2019 election
STATE SENATE 2019: 2 seats flipped.

Here's how the candidates we helped did. As of Nov 9, 2019

Solid progressive seats.


  headshot: Chris Hurst
Chris Hurst*
Win 55/46%


  headshot: Danica Roem
Danica Roem
Win 56/44%


  headshot: Elizabeth Guzman
Elizabeth Guzman*
Win 53/47%

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