2020 Priority Legislation

Endorsed by Virginia Grassroots Coalition

NOTE: In 2020, a second session was held. Bills passed during that session are not included on this list.

Priority Bills

Criminal Justice Reform

Cat House Senate GA / Gov Number Summary Chief Patron Click Chief Patron to see other Patrons.
cjr Left HB 922 Collecting data on pretrial detention and use of cash bail. Del. Jennifer Foy
cjr Incorp HB 1153 Duty of Open Discovery. Del.Alfonso Lopez
cjr Continued Passed SB 805 Degrees of Robbery. Sen. J. Morrissey
cjr Continued HB 871 Degrees of Robbery. Del. Jeffrey Bourne
cjr Passed Passed Signed HB 995 Increasing the Felony Larceny Threshold. Del. Joseph Lindsey
cjr Incorp HB 263 Increasing the Felony Larceny Threshold. Del. Alfonso Lopez
cjr Passed Passed Signed SB 325 Inform Jury of Potential Range of Punishment. Sen. Creigh Deeds
cjr Passed Passed Signed HB 100 Inform Jury of Potential Range of Punishment. Del. Joseph Lindsey
cjr Left HB 551 Healthy Communities Secure Care. Sen. Jeion Ward

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Signed Signed by Governor.
Enrolled Sent to the Governor, but not yet signed.
Passed Passed House or Senate.
Comm In Committee. Hover to see committee name. Click to see members.
Read1/2/3 Read in chamber.
Reported Approved by Comm.
Recommends Recommended by Subcommittee.
Left Left in committee.
Incorp Incorporated into another bill.
PBI. Passed by Indefinitely.
Stricken Bill withdrawn.