2020 Priority Legislation

Endorsed by Virginia Grassroots Coalition

NOTE: In 2020, a second session was held. Bills passed during that session are not included on this list.

Priority Bills

Status: Passed VA House & Senate

Cat House Senate GA / Gov Number Summary Chief Patron Click Chief Patron to see other Patrons.
lgbtq Passed Passed Signed SB 868 Virginia Values Act. Adam Ebbin
guns Passed Passed Signed HB 674 Firearms; removal from persons posing substantial risk; penalties. Del. Rip Sullivan
education Passed Passed Signed SB 3 Disorderly conduct in public places; school activities. Del. JenniferMcClellan
health Passed Passed Signed HB 791 Comprehensive harm reduction programs. Del. Ken Plum
elections Passed Passed Signed HB 19 Repeal Voter ID Law. Del. Joseph Lindsey
elections Passed Passed Signed SB 111 No Excuse Absentee Voting. Sen. Janet Howell
elections Passed Passed Signed HB 1 No Excuse Absentee Voting. Del. Charniele Herring
politics Passed Passed Signed HB 849 Disclosure related to political campaign advertisements. Del. Marcus Simon
health Passed Passed Signed SB 667 Safe reporting of overdoses; immunity from prosecution. Sen. Jennifer Boysko
lgbtq Passed Passed HB 1663 Prohibited discrimination...sexual orientation and gender identity. Del. Mark D. Sickles
lgbtq Passed Passed Signed SB 161 Supports Trans students. Sen. Jennifer Boysko
lgbtq Passed Passed Signed HB 145 Supports Trans students. Del. Marcus Simon
lgbtq Passed Passed Signed HB 386 Bans Conversion Therapy. Del. Patrick Hope
lgbtq Passed Passed Signed SB 245 Bans Conversion Therapy. Sen. Scott Surovell
immigrants Passed Passed HB 1211 Legalizes driver's licenses for non-documented immigrants. Del. Kathy Tran
cjr Passed Passed Signed HB 995 Increasing the Felony Larceny Threshold. Del. Joseph Lindsey
cjr Passed Passed Signed SB 325 Inform Jury of Potential Range of Punishment. Sen. Creigh Deeds
cjr Passed Passed Signed HB 100 Inform Jury of Potential Range of Punishment. Del. Joseph Lindsey
women Passed Passed Signed SB 733 Provision of abortion. Sen. Jennifer McClellan
economy Passed Passed Signed HB 123 Nonpayment of wages under construction. Jennifer Carroll Foy
economy Passed Passed Signed SB 838 Nonpayment of wages under construction. Sen. Adam P. Ebbin
economy Passed Passed Signed SB 49 Nonpayment of wages. Sen. Lionell Spruill
economy Passed Passed Signed SB 48 Nonpayment of wages. Sen. Lionell Spruill
environment Passed Passed Signed SB 710 Solar Freedom. Sen. Jennifer McClellan
environment Passed Passed Signed HB 572 Solar Freedom. Del. Mark Keam
guns Passed Passed Signed HB 2 Universal Background Checks. Del. Ken Plum
guns Passed Passed Signed SB 240 Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO). Sen. George Barker
guns Passed Passed Signed SB 69 One Gun per Month. Sen. Mamie Locke
environment Passed Passed Signed HB 1526 Virginia Clean Economy Act. Del. Rip Sullivan
environment Passed Passed Signed SB 851 Virginia Clean Economy Act. Sen. Jennifer McClellan

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Approved Signed by Governor.
Enrolled Sent to the Governor, but not yet signed.
Passed Passed House or Senate.
Comm In Committee. Hover to see committee name. Click to see members.
Read1/2/3 Read in chamber.
Reported Approved by Comm.
Recommends Recommended by Subcommittee.
Left Left in committee.
Incorp Incorporated into another bill.
PBI. Passed by Indefinitely.
Stricken Bill withdrawn.