Virginia Blue Wave 2019

Arlington, VA


Raising financial contributions to save or flip 20 delegate seats and 6 senate seats in 2019 in Virginia

The 20 House of Delegate districts and six State Senate districts that Democrats need to hold or flip in 2019 comprise: - Save our ships: 8 Delegate districts progressives won last year with less than an 8% margin or less than a 9% margin with a contested primary - Overcome the heartbreaks: 4 Delegate districts where Republicans are in office after elections with margins of less than 1%. - Unfurl the sails: 8 other Delegate districts that Northam won in 2017 or that now trend Democratic as a result of the Bethune Hill redistricting. - Launch the other fleet: 6 State Senate districts where Northam won or came close in 2017. Join individuals from grassroots groups to make progressive change a reality. The campaign seeks and accepts donations from individuals only --- it does not accept donations from corporations. Your entire donation, minus the credit card processing fee, goes to the Democratic nominees in the selected districts. It is being shared evenly, with Senate nominees receiving twice as much as Delegate nominees. Choose among a range of levels (or other amount comfortable for you): “Steady ripple” $16/month or $80 one-time; “Swell” $32/month or $160 one-time; “Breaker” $64/month or $320 one-time “Strong surf” $160/month or $800 one-time; “Big kahuna” $320/month or $1600 one-time; “Tidal wave” $640/month or #3200 one-time. To donate: . We welcome other grassroots groups who want to add their logo to our website, promote our campaign within their group, and/or be represented on our Organizing Crew. If interested, please contact us at

Issues: Flipping VA General Assembly, electoral politics, gun violence prevention, civil rights, voting rights, women's rights, healthcare
Activities: Promotion of campaign through events, social media, grassroots group presentations, personal peer-to-peer emails, in-person contacts. Organizing crew meeting monthly in Arlington
Members: The campaign has over 200 donors as of the end of April 2019

★ 2020 Activities

Working in:

★ 2019 Activities

HD-10, HD-21, HD-27, HD-28, HD-40, HD-50, HD-51, HD-62, HD-66, HD-72, HD-73, HD-76, HD-81, HD-85, HD-91, and HD-100. (Also more limited support for legacy districts HD-12, HD-13, and HD-31). SD-7, SD-8, SD-10, SD-12, SD-13, and SD-17Let’s take back the majority in the Virginia General Assembly! Let's finish what we started in 2017! Your support for the 2019 state elections will be critical. Make monthly or one-time contributions through the EveryDistrict PAC to support nominees in 20 House of Delegate districts and six State Senate districts that Democrats need to hold or flip in 2019. To donate: .

2018 Activities

We started to fundraise for flipping the General Assembly in 2019. This included a focus on monthly contributions, and two "boating" parties on Lake Barcroft.

2017 Activities/History

The concept for this campaign evolved from a multi-candidate fundraising campaign held by grassroots groups in 2017 for 25 candidates.

Updated: 2020-12-07 13:53:42 Ongoing fundraising campaign organized by individuals from grassroots groups in VA.