Safeguard the environment and address the effects of climate change through the promotion of green jobs, clean energy, and economic growth.


Ensure all Virginians have access to affordable quality physical and mental healthcare.

Racial justice

Address racial disparities that lead to unequal treatment in our legal and criminal justice system and contribute to the unfair distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privilege.

Voting rights

Guarantee elections are free, fair, and representative of all Virginians by eliminating voting barriers and gerrymandering and reducing the influence of money in politics.

Women's health

Protect a woman's right to make informed decisions and ensure access to quality, affordable reproductive healthcare.

Gun violence prevention

Promotion of public safety through laws that protect people from gun violence.


Invest in a high quality public education system by ensuring educators receive competitive wages and students of all ages have access to higher education and training without excessive debt.

Equal rights

Guarantee equality of rights under the law through the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Family friendly economy

Build a family friendly economy across urban and rural communities throughout Virginia.


Seek just and informed immigration policies and humane enforcement that protects and supports immigrants and vulnerable communities.

LGBTQ issues

Rural issues


Multiple topics

Local Majority position papers.

Acting as a personal research department for local candidates, Local Majority distills national research studies and puts together targeted information packets.