31st Street

31st Street Swing Left

Washington, DC
Focused on Electoral politics, Flip the House Blue; Elect Democrats to Virginia State Legislature


Elect Democrats in swing districts to Virginia State Legislature and to the House

More info: Our group formed with 31 members from DC, VA and MD in March, 2017. We initially focused on helping Virginia state delegate candidates get elected. We raised money for several candidates, but canvassed heavily, and raised the most money, for Lee Carter, Wendy Gooditis and Donte Tanner. We raised over $115,000 for Virginia candidates and knocked on thousands of doors.

We also grew over time. We had 70 members by the time the state elections occurred, and now have 104. We decided to help Conor Lamb in PA 18, and sent over 30 of our members there over three weekends to canvas. We raised $35,000 for his campaign.

We are now focusing on helping several Congressional candidates by raising money for their campaigns, and we will begin canvassing heavily at the end of June, after the primaries. We are already joining in the Blue Wave canvassing to identify Democratic voters in Northern Virginia. Our group meets once a month. We alternate from meeting in Northern Virginia to meeting in Washington DC. We have members in our group who are extremely effective at identifying "sweet spot" districts across the country in which strong candidates are running in districts which show promise in terms of being "flippable". We also have fantastic fundraising leaders, who are helping us set goals, and who are teaching us how to raise funds from friends and family.

At this time, we have raised over $204, 000 total. We recently set a goal of raising $25K for Elissa Slotkin in MI8 and Elaine Luria in VA 2 and have met those goals. (Note that the National Swing Left organization does not support any particular primary candidates. 31st Street is doing this particular work during primaries independent of Swing Left.) We skype with candidates during our meetings so our members can get a feel for people we want to support. We also have members who stay in touch with the campaigns so we can provide information to our members to keep them engaged and enthused. We currently plan to begin raising money for Lauren Baer (FLA 18) and Colin Allred (TX 32) and then will turn our sights, perhaps, to VA 7 and getting David Brat out of office. In July we will begin canvassing heavily in VA 10, and will continue to raise money for the primary candidate in that district. We have already raised over $20,000 for the VA 10 fund. The magazine, "The Nation" published an article about our group a few months back, noting our great success in raising large amounts of money, and in our crucial role helping Kelly Fowler launch her successful campaign by donating early money to her.

Members: 104

★ 2018 Virginia Election

Working in: VA-02, VA-07, VA-10
Located in: Out of state
Activities: Canvassing, Postcards, Fundraising,

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