Washington, DC
Focused on Electoral politics, Jobs, the Economy, Education Reform, STEM Education Awards, Tax Policy, and Developing Strategic Economic Objectives

  is a bold new 501(c)(4) advocacy group whose goal is to build a Jobs-First Movement to create good paying American jobs and grow an economy that works for everyone.

More info: Our mission is to promote the Jobs-First Movement¬Ě as an aspirational economic message for the 2018 midterms (and beyond). In order to accomplish this mission, we are partnering with other organizations in order to co-author policy-focused op-eds, organize economic forums, draft DNC Resolutions, and lobby candidates and elected officials to integrate this message into their campaign platforms.

★ 2018 Virginia Election

Working in: VA-01, VA-02, VA-03, VA-04, VA-05, VA-06, VA-07, VA-08, VA-09, VA-10, VA-11
Located in: Out of state

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