Sister District

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The Sister District Project works to turn states blue by winning state legislative elections. We are open to volunteers and candidates of all genders.

Sister District teams act as an expansion of campaign's field and fundraising programs. That means you'll be writing postcards to voters, canvassing, phonebanking, textbanking, and raising money on behalf of amazing Democratic candidates. But more importantly, we believe long-term activism isn't possible without building an activism community, full of real connections and real relationships. At Sister District, you'll be part of a creative, innovative, passionate community of fellow activists—and, just maybe, lifelong friends.

Issues: Electoral politics,
Activities: Canvassing, Phonebanking, Textbanking, Postcards, Fundraising

★ 2019 Election Plans

Working in: HD-10, HD-27, HD-28, HD-51, HD-94, HD-100, SD-12, SD-7
Create teams of volunteers who live near each other. The local teams fundraise, phonebank, postcard, textbank and, if they can, travel to knock on doors and get out the vote.

2018 Activities

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