Ronnie Ross


Ronnie Ross


Ronnie will not take money from Dominion or Appalachian Power or corporate PACs.

Ronnie Ross is a teacher, coach, and school administrator who lives in western Loudoun County. Ronnie and his wife Josie have one child. It was the birth of his son and the encouragement of his wife that convinced Ronnie to run. He became deeply anxious about the world we were creating — and leaving — not just for little Ronnie, but for all of our children. When he mentioned to Josie that it would be difficult to run with an infant in the household, she responded with words he would never forget: "That's fine. It will be hard. But, when it feels like too much, you can always just look into your son's eyes and know why you're doing this."

Ronnie will fight for:

➔ Healthcare +

"I believe that every person should be able to access quality, affordable healthcare. Virginia took a significant step toward this goal last year when we expanded Medicaid. ..."

➔ Education +

"I believe deeply in the value of public education, and my experience as both a student and a teacher--as well as the son of two teachers--has driven me to make education the centerpiece of my campaign. I will advocate for and work to strengthen our public education system. ..."

➔ Human Rights +

"It is the right of every American to worship, speak, vote, and love as they please. Virginia has taken incredible steps forward in this regard, but we can continue to do better. ...we must prohibit discrimination in state and local government public employment based on sexual orientation or gender identity; ..."

➔ Gun Violence Prevention +

"... Virginia should not be subject to the gun laws of other states. This is why I will fight against concealed carry reciprocity. Visitors to Virginia should be subject to our laws."

➔ VA Workers & Economy +

"The key to economic success is creating a viable, vibrant economy that is both long-living and local. Such an economy retains dollars in the community and also preserves our agricultural heritage. ..."

➔ Environment/Energy +

"...Climate change is real, and we are already seeing its effects. A move towards a green economy is an investment in everything from the future of the Commonwealth to our own health."

➔ Criminal Justice Reform +

"Over the past two years, the General Assembly has taken some steps forward on criminal justice reform. However, as is often the case, we can--and need to--do more. ..."


Ronnie Ross

Republican Opponent


Jill Vogel*

Jill Vogel is a Lawyer who has been in the VA State Senate since 2008. She has voted with the Republican Caucus 96% of the time.
Vogel's law firm specializes in helping wealthy donors, corporations, and PACs influence elections. [1]

* = Incumbent

 SD-27 District Profile 
Frederick Co, Fauquier Co, Winchester City, Clark Co, Stafford Co, Culpeper Co, Loudoun Co

SD-27 Voting Trend

2018: Kaine received 41% of the vote.
2017: Northam received 39% of the vote.
2016: Clinton received 34% of the vote.
2015 (SD election): No Democratic candidate

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Statistics from VPAP, January 2019/May 2019.