VOTE 2020!!!!


New Virginia Election Laws 2020 +

No-excuse absentee voting.
You don't need to give a reason now to vote by mail, early in-person, or absentee.

Photo ID not necessary to vote.

BUT you must either sign a statement saying you are the "named registered voter" or show some other kind of document.
See list of accepted documents

★ Election Day is now a state holiday.


DEADLINE to register to vote in this election:

TUES, OCT 13, 2020  

Register to Vote Online Register to Vote by Mail

In-Person Voter Registration by Tues, Oct 13, 2020
Online Voter Registration by Tues, Oct 13, 2020
By mail Voter Registration: postmarked by Tues, Oct 13, 2020


Choose the way that works for you

Apply NOW for an Absentee BallotVote by Mail +

1 APPLY for a Ballot

VA Dept of Elections: Apply online Apply by mail

2 Fill in your ballot.

Follow instructions!

3 Return your ballot.

Mail or Fax or Email ASAP!

Ballots will be mailed to voters starting Sept 18, 2020.

NOTE: we recommend you apply & return your ballot well in advance of the official deadlines.

Apply NOW for an Absentee BallotVoteEarly In-Person +

Officially called "No Excuse In-Person Absentee" voting

Starts: FRI, SEPT 18
Ends: Sat, Oct. 31

Where to Vote Early In-Person

Alexandria | Arlington Co. | Falls Church | Fairfax City | Fairfax Co. | Loudoun Co. | Prince William Co.

Find your local Registrar's Office

★ You don't need to state a reason to vote early now.
★ Picture ID not required*
*BUT other ID, addressed envelope, or signed statement required.
List of acceptable IDs

More info on VA Dept of Elections site

Vote on Tues, Nov 3 +

Poll hours: 6 am – 7 pm

Find your polling place

You can vote curbside (see above)

Call your local Electoral Board to find out how this works near you.
Find your Local Electoral Board

Vote Curbside +

"If you are 65 or older, or have a physical disability, you may vote on Election Day without leaving your vehicle. This is called curbside voting. If you would like to use curbside voting, remember to bring a helper with you who can enter the polling place to ask an election officer for curbside assistance." —Virginia Dept. of Elections
[Will the age/disability requirement be waived due to COVID-19?]

Call your local Registrar's Office to find out how this works near you.

Find your local Registrar's Office

Track your ballot +

Ballot Scout VA Dept of Elections

Be sure to put in the exact name you registered with.

Work the Polls +

Because of the pandemic many new poll workers will be needed this election. If you're healthy, consider being a poll worker.

Apply to work in Arlington Co.
Apply to work in Fairfax Co.
Apply to work in Loudoun Co.

Unknowns +

__ The VA legislature will have a special session August 2020.
Will witness signatures and stamps be addressed?

__ Will people feel that voting in person is safe?

__ Will the USPS be able to handle the high volume of mail if we encourage vote by mail?

__ Will there be enough poll workers?