Wendy Gooditis


Wendy Gooditis

Wendy Gooditis first ran for delegate in 2017, defeating 3-term Republican incumbent Randy Minchew. She won again in 2019 w. 52% of the vote.

Wendy grew up in Cranbury, New Jersey with her parents, both of whom were union members, and her two older brothers.

She believes our government should give everyone a fair shot. Virginia should be a place with job opportunities, safe roads, clean air, and affordable healthcare. As a Delegate, Wendy fights for legislation that makes Virginia a better, fairer commonwealth.

Wendy, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

Wendy voted to expand Medicaid. As a result an estimated 400,000 Virginians don't have to keep making the impossible choices between paying healthcare bills or paying the mortgage.

➔ Education +

Wendy is a staunch supporter of a living wage and benefits for public educators, so that Virginia can recruit and retain the nation's top talent.

➔ VA Workers & Economy +

  • Competitive public and technical education systems
  • A living minimum wage and jobs for our veterans.
  • Protection of worker rights and labor unions
  • Equal economic opportunity for all Virginians.
  • Investment in public infrastructu
  • ➔ Energy +

    Wendy serves as Vice Chair of the Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources Committee and Co-Chair of the bipartisan Virginia Environment and Renewable Energy Caucus. In these roles, Wendy has been a bold advocate for progressive environmental policies such as the Virginia Clean Economy Act.

    Learn more on Wendy's website issues page.




    HD-10 Profile

    Loudoun County, Frederick County, Clarke County

    HD-10 Voting Trend

    Democratic candidates' election percentages.

    2020: Biden received 57%.
    2019 (HD): Gooditis won w. 52%
    2018: Kaine received 57%
    2017: Northam received 54%
    2017 (HD): Gooditis won with 52%.
    2016: Clinton received 49%.
    2015 (HD) Dem lost w 38%

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