Protect our Climate

Let local government reduce reliance on gas.


Here's a recipe for disaster — a toxic stew cooked up by the gas industry and served up by Chef. Morrissey! The gas industry is desperate, following huge new national press on the known high asthma rates in children attributable to gas stoves. Time to take action on this bad pair of bills!

You can read about those health risks HERE.

HB1783 and SB1485 prohibit all state and local government entities from preventing the use of methane ('natural gas') in new buildings, slowing the transition to a 100% clean energy economy.

This bill is a preemptive move by the natural gas industry to limit the autonomy of localities. Known as the 'ban-the-ban' attempt.

This concerted legal strategy to prevent local action is a direct response to the growing demand for healthier, cleaner buildings across the nation, and it poses a serious threat to climate action.

HB1783, SB1485

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