Republicans narrowly won all state-wide positions.

Democrats lost 7 seats in the VA House of Delegates.

Results were certified on November 15th, 2021.

★ = Declared winner by Vpap.org [Last update 11/15/2021]

Dem House of Delegates Candidates

HD Districts to HOLD

Candidate sorts & Slates by Organization + -


headshot: Wendy Gooditis

Wendy Gooditis

Gooditis: 50.92%
Clemente: 48.95%


headshot: Joshua Cole

Joshua Cole

Cole: 48.93%
Durant: 50.95%


headshot: Elizabeth Guzman

Elizabeth Guzman

Guzman: 52.04
Baldwin: 47.81%


headshot: Dan Helmer

Dan Helmer

Helmer: 52.65%
Pyon: 47.26%


headshot: Rodney Willett

Rodney Willett

Willett: 52.45%
Kastelberg: 47.42%


headshot: Roslyn Tyler

Roslyn Tyler

Tyler: 47.35%
Wachsmann: 52.52%


headshot: Nancy Guy

Nancy Guy

Guy: 48.77%
Anderson: 51.11%


headshot: Alex Askew

Alex Askew

Askew: 49.73%
Greenhalgh: 50.17%

State-Wide Candidates


Terry McAuliffe

2855 precincts of 2855 reporting
McAuliffe: 48.64%
Youngkin: 50.57%
Blanding: .70%


Hala Ayala

2855 precincts of 2855 reporting
Ayala: 49.18%
Sears: 50.71%


Mark Herring

2855 precincts of 2855 reporting
Herring: 49.55%
Miyares: 50.36%

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"This loss hurts, but please never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it. It is worth it." --Hilary Clinton (2016?)


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