Easy as 1-2-3

This year, you'll vote for your Virginia Delegate and State Senator. Also local county/city officials whose decisions most affect our daily lives, including: Board of Supervisors, School Board, Soil & Water conservation, Commonwealth Attorney, Sheriff and Clerk. Who is on my ballot?

1 Check your Voter Registration +

Update your address If your address or name has changed, you need to update your Voter Registration.

Find your Polling Place It may have changed in recent redistricting.

Register to Vote online Register as a new Virginia Voter.

Download Voter Registration forms

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2 Plan your Vote! +

Vote Early In-Person or By-Mail — no excuse required!


In-Person voting is the surest option for most voters.

Vote Early

General Elections and Primary Elections.

Sat, Sept 23, 2023 for General Election

Vote on Election Day

Vote only at your local precinct. More...


Vote by Mail +

A good option if you will be absent or unable to vote in person.

1. Apply for Ballot:

From VA Dept of Elections
Apply online Must have VA ID

Apply by mail

Print form. Mail or drop off your application at your City/County Registrar's office or polling place. [Look up] See deadlines below.

2. Fill out your ballot:

Be sure YOU sign and a Witness signs your envelope!

3. Return ballot:

Mail or drop off at your City/County Registrar's office or polling place. [Look up]
Then, track your ballot.

DEADLINES to Request Ballots

Primary Elections:
General Elections: Fri, Oct 27, 2023

NOTE: we recommend you apply & return your ballot well in advance of the official deadlines.

3 Encourage others to Vote! +

Share 'Vote 2023, Easy as 1-2-3' online so friends, family and fellow members of your language, cultural & faith communities can conveniently vote every election like YOU!

As Democrats, we want every citizen to VOTE so our democracy works for all of us!

More VA Voter info

Do you know? +

Virginia has elections EVERY year.

You can Register to Vote at same time you VOTE in-person.

Picture ID is no longer required to vote in Virginia.

*BUT other ID, current utility bill, bank statement, or signed statement required.

2023 Election Dates

Dem Primaries +

Primary Elections: Tues, June 20, 2023
Early voting begins: Sat, May 6, 2023

General Election

Early Voting starts: Sat, Sept 23, 2023
Election Day: Tues, Nov 7, 2023

Printable VA Voter Info



Alternate language Virginia Voter forms

Track your ballot +

VA Dept of Elections

When you get to your Voter Information page, scroll down until you see a table labeled "Absentee."

Table lists: Election, Status (of most recent action), Application received (date), Ballot issued (date), Ballot received (date).

If your ballot is not "approved" or received in a timely manner, call your local Registrar's Office.