Emily's List

Washington, DC


We ignite change by getting pro-choice Democratic women elected to office.

Seeking to put women into office who can make significant contributions to education, health care, voting rights, and economic equality, we have systematically defined a strategic approach to winning elections that drive progressive change.

We recruit the strongest candidates, support campaigns that can win, study the electorate, and turn out the vote.

Our vision is a government that reflects the people it serves, and decision makers who genuinely and enthusiastically fight for greater opportunity and better lives for the Americans they represent. We will work for larger leadership roles for pro-choice Democratic women in our legislative bodies and executive seats so that our families can benefit from the open-minded, productive contributions that women have consistently made in office.

Issues: Electoral politics, Womens Rights,
Activities: Fundraising, recruiting, training candidates

★ 2020 Activities

Working in: VA

★ 2019 Activities

SD-33We’re going to flip the Virginia state Senate from red to blue by recruiting, training, and winning two seats in the Virginia state Senate in 2019.

Supported Jennifer Boysko's Special Election win SD-33.

Launched Focus 2020, a project designed to impact redistricting by electing pro-choice Democratic women to governors’ seats and state legislative chambers in the 2018 and 2020 elections before the next redistricting in 2021.

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