NARAL Prochoice Virginia

Alexandria, VA


We advocate, educate, and organize to protect and further reproductive freedom in the Commonwealth. Get involved today!

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is a state-level, grassroots advocacy and political organization supported by thousands of members, volunteers, and activists throughout the Commonwealth. We are an independent state affiliate of the national NARAL Pro-Choice America organization.

What we do:

EDUCATE: We keep Virginia's public, policymakers, and media informed on the state of reproductive rights and health care in the Commonwealth and up-to-date on policy developments and news.

ADVOCATE: We're the voice of pro-choice Virginians with state and local policymakers, advocating in Richmond and around Virginia to protect and support access to abortion, birth control, sex education, and the full range of reproductive health care.

ORGANIZE: Our network of grassroots activists and volunteers across Virginia take action to stand up for reproductive rights, educate their friends and neighbors, and make their voices heard with policymakers and the media.

ELECT: To change the balance for reproductive choice in Virginia, we must hold anti-choice politicians accountable and elect more lawmakers who share our values. We identify and support strong pro-choice candidates for state office in Virginia and work to get out the pro-choice vote.

Issues: Woman's issues, Reproductive rights
Activities: Advocate, Educate, Organize

★ 2020 Activities

Working in: VA

★ 2019 Activities

This year, in partnership with the Whole Woman's Health Alliance, we asked all our elected officials to show support for the values and mission of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia by adding their names to the 2019 Statement of Intent. Virginia's Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and nearly 60 state legislators have all chosen to stand in solidarity with us, promising to protect and expand reproductive rights in Virginia.

Updated: 2020-02-24 10:33:30