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National Woman's Party

Washington, DC


We are recommitting ourselves to the fight for full equality for all women.

Generations of women's rights advocates have fought for full equality under the law for all women, and carried the torch of change forward day after day. We were once leaders in the fight for equality. And we're getting back in the game to complete the advancements for women envisioned more than 100 years ago by our founders. With our historic headquarters now preserved as a National Monument, the NWP is ready to once again work arm-in-arm with our community in the fight for the advancement of all women.

We take great inspiration from our founders and their impact on women's equality, yet we recognize that there are unacceptable parts of our history that we cannot ignore if we hope to move forward together. The National Woman's Party and the larger feminist movement of the last two centuries have a legacy of racism and classism that we must acknowledge, confront, and correct. As part of our new vision, we are committed to empowering a movement that is inclusive and that values voices that have long been ignored and marginalized. Our coalition of allies, stakeholders and partners, is representative of the people in this fight for equality and respects everyone who is working to create a world in which full equality for all women is a reality.

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