Team ENOUGH Fairfax/Virginia


We're a youth-led gun violence prevention chapter in Fairfax County, Virginia!

We are currently focused on launching our Lobbying Collective, and expanding our presence in Fairfax County.

Issues: Electoral politics, Racial Justice, Gun Violence, Voting Rights,
Activities: Organizing actions, Phone banking, Lobbying, Voter Registration,
Members: 40

★ 2020 Activities

Working in: VA
VA-01, VA-02, VA-05, VA-07, VA-10, Out of state

We plan to continue to expand our presence in Fairfax County, Virginia, and support Brady-endorsed candidates across Virginia and the US! We're also launching the Virginia Lobbying Collective, a youth-led lobbying training program for young person. Applications are currently open and are available here:

★ 2019 Activities

We canvassed in competitive swing-districts across Virginia, including HD-40!

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