Loudoun 4 All


Parents and local leaders mobilizing to create an equitable community for all who call Loudoun County home.

The residents of Loudoun are standing up to bigotry, racism, and hate. We will not allow misinformation to divide us and sow chaos in our county.


  • We are disgusted with efforts to recall legitimately elected representatives of the Loudoun County School Board and other elected officials.

  • We are outraged by the hate speech heard at recent school board meetings and throughout our community.

  • We are speaking out against the outright lies pushing false and contrived talking points about critical race theory, indoctrination, transgender youth, and more.

  • We understand that political operatives are using far-right extremist campaigns in an effort to create hysteria to support state and national elections and that these efforts do not reflect the values of our County.
  • Issues: Education

    Updated: 2021-12-05 11:20:17