Demand Climate Risk Transparency

Submit comment to SEC by June 17


If you pay sales tax in Virginia, your money gets invested in companies that fund climate change. Now you can take action to require all U.S. companies to stop greenwashing and report on their climate risks, by submitting a comment to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by June 17.

Investors are tired of watching their communities being reduced to ashes or washed away in floods caused by climate change. The public is demanding transparency because climate risk is financial risk. U.S. companies must report on their greenhouse gas emissions and how they're addressing climate risk. This is a critical step to help companies get ready for a net zero carbon economy.

The SEC just released a proposed rule for mandatory climate disclosure from all publicly listed U.S. companies. With this proposed rule, the SEC is responding to the need by investors for clear, consistent and comparable reporting to address climate change financial risks.

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