Protect Progress Limiting Pretextual Policing
Say NO to HB1380 & HB2384

Tell Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to strongly oppose HB 1380 & HB 2384.


During the 2020 Special Session, Virginia lawmakers prohibited the most commonly used pretexts that police use to justify traffic stops and invasive searches.

HB 1380 & HB 2384 would repeal that progress. These two bills would repeal nearly all the protections provided by the limits currently in place, allowing prohibited pretextual stops to resume.

By reducing pretextual policing, we keep communities safer, reduce the potential for harm and violence, and prioritize the protection of personal privacy over surveillance and stereotyping.

Historically, Black and Brown Virginians face pretextual policing at a higher rate than White Virginians. Black drivers are pulled over twice as often as White drivers. Pretextual stops allow police to pull a driver over simply because of their race. Pretextual stops by police are dangerous and life-threatening. Banning police from making stops for low-level traffic violations can help eliminate discriminatory, dangerous, and deadly police interactions.

Limits on pretext stops are working. Data obtained as a result of Virginia's Community Policing Act already shows racial disparities in traffic stops are narrowing, without impacting public safety. Virginia's historic bill was the first of its kind and is now a model for similar legislation throughout the U.S.

HB1380, HB2384

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