Dems take BOTH Houses!

Six House of Delegates and 2 State Senate seats flipped blue, giving Democrats control of both houses. House of Delegates: 55 Dems/ 45 Reps. State Senate 21 Dems / 19 Reps.   Full VA Election Results Nov 5, 2019

Change in House of Delegates seats 2019 election
HOUSE OF DELEGATES 2019: 6 seats flipped. 2017: 15 seats flipped.
Change in State Senate seats 2019 election
STATE SENATE 2019: 2 seats flipped.

Here's how the candidates we helped did. As of Nov 9, 2019

Redistricted seats supported by Coalition

The Supreme Court upheld the U.S. Eastern District Court redistricting plan—these districts gained Democratic advantage


Redistricted 2019
  headshot: Sheila  Bynum-Coleman
Sheila Bynum-Coleman

Bynum-Coleman: 47%
Cox: 52%


Redistricted 2019
  headshot: Schuyler VanValkenburg
Schuyler VanValkenburg*
Win 53.26%/46.63%


  headshot: Clint Jenkins
Redistricted 2019

Clint Jenkins

Jenkins: 56%
Opponent: 44%


Redistricted 2019

Lenard Myers

Myers: 48%
Opponent: 52%


Redistricted 2019
headshot: Nancy Guy
Nancy Guy

Guy: 49.97% [27 votes]
Stolle: 49.85%


Redistricted 2019
  headshot: Alex Askew
Alex Askew

Askew: 52%
Holcomb: 48%


  headshot: Martha Mugler
Redistricted 2019

Martha Mugler
Win 55/45%


Redistricted 2019
  headshot: Shelly Simonds
Shelly Simonds
Win 58/40/2%

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