Dems take BOTH Houses!

Six House of Delegates and 2 State Senate seats flipped blue, giving Democrats control of both houses. House of Delegates: 55 Dems/ 45 Reps. State Senate 21 Dems / 19 Reps.   Full VA Election Results Nov 5, 2019

Change in House of Delegates seats 2019 election
HOUSE OF DELEGATES 2019: 6 seats flipped. 2017: 15 seats flipped.
Change in State Senate seats 2019 election
STATE SENATE 2019: 2 seats flipped.

Here's how the candidates we helped did. As of Nov 9, 2019

Rural Ground Game

Rural Ground Game districts This is a group of 10 Central and Western Virginia Democratic House and Senate candidates, pooling resources and working together to show that rural Democrats are real, and that progressives are fighting for every zip code.

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  headshot: Beverly Harrison
Beverly Harrison
Loss 26/74%


  headshot: Virginia Smith
Virginia Smith
Loss 32/68%


  headshot: Jennifer Woofter
Jennifer Woofter
Loss 30/69%


  headshot: David Zilles
David Zilles
Loss 36/64%


  headshot: Christian Worth
Christian Worth
Loss 35/66%


  headshot: Jennifer Kitchen
Jennifer Kitchen
Loss 40/58%


  headshot: Brent Finnegan
Brent Finnegan
Loss 46/54%


  April Moore
April Moore
Loss 35/65%

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